Ventac Celebrates Data Centre Day with Mission to Warsaw for Data Centre Nation

Today on International Data Centre Day, we’re joining the global community in recognising the pivotal role that data centres play in our world. At Ventac, we’re proud to contribute to this dynamic sector with our cutting-edge noise control solutions and unwavering commitment to creating more compliant, peaceful environments. As we mark this occasion, we’re thrilled that our Business Development Manager Brian Scully, is currently in Warsaw, Poland, representing Ventac at Data Center Nation on Enterprise Ireland’s podium.

Ventac is ready to embrace the ever-evolving landscape of the Data Centre sector, with significant growth and exciting operations emerging in Poland. With the market share nearly doubling in megawatt (MW) by 2029, Polish data centres are experiencing substantial growth driven by trends such as increased online shopping, content streaming, and digital transactions, alongside the introduction of 5G technology.

As tier 1 and 2 data centres continue their steady growth, Ventac recognises the need for noise control solutions to address the high levels of noise associated with power generation and cooling requirements, as well as external noise pollution. The demand for Tier 3 and 4 facilities is also rising, driven by the development of smart cities and connected network solutions, necessitating careful noise control for systems designed to operate at maximum capacity during disruptions.

Ventac’s expertise and capabilities are well-suited to address these challenges, with a proven track record in the market. Collaborating with industry leaders, Ventac’s acoustic experts design, manufacture, and install full turnkey noise control solutions, ensuring a more efficient, sustainable, and peaceful environment for organisations navigating noise level compliance complexities.

In addition to addressing immediate construction noise issues, Ventac is committed to meeting long-term data centre noise control requirements. With the largest commercial acoustic lab in Europe, Ventac validates all acoustic solutions before installation and partners with design consultants to ensure optimal acoustic solutions. Their extensive portfolio of products includes, but is not limited to, the following state-of-the-art materials and solutions:

·        Acoustic Screening

·        Acoustic Enclosures

·        Duct Attenuators

·        Silencers & Splitters

·        Acoustic Louvres

·        Anti Vibration Mounts & Mats

·        Flexible Acoustic Fan Jackets

·        Flexible Enclosures for Motors & Pumps

·        Customised Acoustic Duct Lagging

·        Temporary Noise Control Barriers

Poland’s growth presents an exciting opportunity for Ventac’s unique offerings. Major investments by companies like Intel in Wrocław offer potential for additional opportunities from ecosystem companies requiring tailored noise and environmental support. Ventac is poised to adapt to customer demands while upholding a commitment to excellence.  Brian Scully eagerly anticipates Ventac’s work in Poland, stating, “Our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has led us to develop noise control solutions tailored to the requirements of contemporary data centre construction. Poland’s data centre market offers partnership and opportunity, allowing us to employ niche solutions and differentiate ourselves through superior products, services, and customer support. We believe Poland will be a crucial part of Ventac’s next phase of growth and expansion, and embrace the opportunity to serve the market.”

Read more about Ventac’s Data Centre solutions here:

Data Centre Nation: After an extremely successful 2023 edition of DCN Warsaw, where we gathered 700+ digital infrastructure leaders from the Polish DC ecosystem and had the privilege of hosting the official launch of the Polish Data Center Association, DCN go back to Warsaw with a larger and broader Data Center Summit. 
The conference agenda of DCN Warsaw 2024 will offer key insights on how to optimise internal and external digital infrastructure assets from a facility, IT and business standpoint. Programme will also discuss pain-points and opportunities that new technologies are bringing to the Polish data center arena. 
Alongside the conference, DCN Warsaw 2024 will feature a unique expo environment where attendees will have the chance to experience hands-on demonstrations by vendors of state-of-the-art infrastructure equipment, software and services. 



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