Ventac Attend Road Transport Expo in Stoneleigh

Last week, Ventac had the pleasure of attending the Road Transport Expo – an event that brought together industry leaders and innovators to discuss the future of transport in Stoneleigh, UK. The team engaged in great conversations about electrification and showcasing our advanced acoustic and thermal solutions for trucks.

The event was an eye-opening experience for Ventac who were impressed by the diverse range of companies present, each with their own unique approach to electrification. It was a testament to the transport industry’s rapid evolution and the various paths companies are taking to achieve a more sustainable future. Given that zero-emission trucks are projected to comprise a third of the European market by the end of the decade, Ventac were excited to see OEMs’ plans to build a zero-emission fleet portfolio, plan in line with infrastructure availability and offer support their customers.

One of the most striking observations the team made was the differing attitudes and levels of adoption regarding electrification among the truck manufacturers they met. Some companies have fully embraced electric vehicle technology, embarking on stringent plans and ambitions to adhere to strategies like the Paris Agreement and US EPA laws to electrify their entire fleet within the next few years. And in the UK The overall market remains positive, with registrations across all vehicle segments increasing year to date. It was clear from their conversations that these OEMs are driven by a strong commitment to sustainability and are investing heavily in the necessary infrastructure to support their electric trucks.

Niall says: “It’s inspiring to see industry giants like MAN and Renault making strong commitments to be fully electric in line with global standards and goals.” He continued, “their proactive stance not only sets a benchmark for others but also demonstrates the transport industry’s crucial role in combating climate change.” At Ventac, we are excited to support such forward-thinking companies with our battery-encapsulating and sound control solutions, ensuring that their electric fleets are not only environmentally friendly but also efficient and comfortable.

On the other hand, there were companies taking a different route to enhancing their fleets. These OEMs are adopting sustainable strategies that focus on hybrid models to cater to their customers’ needs and preferences. The reasons for this varied – some  are waiting for further technological EV advancements and the current availability of charging infrastructure. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), while the transition to zero-emission vehicles is progressing, OEMs need to continue to meet the mandated Vehicle Emission Trading Scheme targets in the pursuit of more sustainable fleets.

“It was interesting to see companies like Iveco continuing to invest in producing state-of-the-art gas-powered vehicles,” Niall comments. “Their approach to developing trucks like the gas-powered S-Way that are making strides towards reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency, with their customers’ vision in mind.” Industry leaders like Iveco are masters of understanding the market, and Ventac is prepared to support these companies with solutions that enhance the performance and sustainability of their existing and transitional vehicle fleets.

The conversations at the Road Transport Expo underscored the importance of flexibility and innovation in the transport industry’s transition to electrification. Louise says: “The Road Transport Expo was a fantastic event – it was great to see so many industry leaders and innovators come together to share ideas and discuss the future of transport in the impressive space that is the NAEC. We’re excited to take these insights back to Ventac and continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for the future of the transport sector.” The team left the event with a renewed sense of purpose, excited about the role the company can play in shaping a sustainable future for road transport. The journey may be diverse, but with collaboration and innovation, the destination is clear—a cleaner, quieter, more comfortable world.



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