Sustainable Kildare

Sustainable Kildare Championship Campaign

Ventac wants to be part of something great and do our bit for climate change.

We are delighted to announce Ventac are taking part in the Sustainable Kildare 3 week championship campaign led by County Kildare Chamber and sponsored by Intel.

What is Sustainable Kildare?

Sustainable Kildare is an environmental action project to help change employee’s lifestyle habits to help reduce personal emissions through an interactive challenge and educational workshops.  The aims of the campaign are to engage businesses with the Chamber to think about climate action, and raise awareness about climate action and personal emissions. This will help businesses to prepare for upcoming Climate Bill changes, and integrate sustainability with a business core strategy.

The Ventac Eco Geeks Team

During the 3-week campaign our team named ‘Ventac Eco Geeks’, will undertake eco friendly actions for example using public transport in place of car journeys, and switching off unnecessary lights. By using the Ducky App, our employees will have the opportunity to take part in the 3-week challenge that allows them to track their personal emissions and compete against fellow employees and other businesses in Kildare on the topic of Climate Change.

Not only do our employees have the chance to engage in an interactive app, but employees can also take part in educational workshops such as an U.N. Online certification course or the SDG Climate Impact education workshop which will assist Ventac in the future to be better equipped to tackle this challenging topic.

At Ventac we are acutely aware of climate action and the impact this has on our planet, our business and our employees.  We are in the process of finalising our sustainable goals and roadmap to ensure we as a business can help deliver a sustainable future.  We work very close will all our international customers  to ensure they also achieve their sustainability goals.

To be part of something great, and if you would like to learn more about the Sustainable Kildare Campaign you can Contact County Kildare Chamber

We look forward to kicking off on the 19th of October, and we will keep you updated with our progress.

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