Noise Sources Within Electric Buses

Issue Two

outdoor bus in urban area

There are a vast number of opportunities within electric-powered buses to achieve much lower levels of interior noise than is perceived by the manufacturers. Within this series of Noise Control for Electric Buses, we look at the key noise sources, their locations within the vehicle and how they contribute to the overall noise levels of the vehicle.

In this issue, we take a deep dive into the key noise sources on an electric bus

In this issue, we take a deep dive into the key noise sources on an electric bus

Did you know that there are distinct differences between electric (EV) and diesel-powered (IC) buses when it comes to the key noise sources within the vehicle?

Traditionally, noise sources from diesel-powered buses were predominately from the IC engine and from other components such as the exhaust system, cooling system, fans, air intake components and environmental noise (including drive-by, tire and road noise). In comparison, the assumption is that Electric Vehicles are completely silent….

About Ventac

Ventac is an established name in the supply of innovative and high-performance noise control solutions to the Bus & Coach industry. Our experience, technical knowledge, and acoustic expertise in an ever-changing industry allow us to work in partnership with our clients to quickly identify and solve their noise control problems and deliver an effective result. Our vehicle noise control services include analysis through a Vehicle Acoustic Test Program, followed by custom solution design, manufacture, and delivery.
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