Electric Buses and Sound Quality

Issue Four

outdoor bus in urban area

Throughout this whitepaper series, we will look at why noise control is still an integral aspect of the development of electric bus models. Issue four focuses specifically on the sound quality techniques and metrics used in the assessment of tonal electric vehicle noises.

Sound quality defines the distinctive character of a sound other than its pitch or loudness.

This whitepaper will discuss:

  • Electric vehicles, internal combustion engine (ICE) powertrains and emitted noise
  • Electric vehicle noise measurement techniques
  • Sound quality assessment methods
  • Quantifying noise and sound quality of electric vehicles
  • Electric bus case study

Prominent Ratio Sound Quality

The whitepaper discusses a case study example of the implementation of the Prominent Ratio sound quality metric in the analysis of noise from an electric bus carried out by Ventac. In the interest of subjective assessment, digital recordings of this noise data (Figure 1 in whitepaper) with its prominent tone and a copy with the prominent tone diminished can be listened to below

Sound Data with Prominent Tone

Sound Data with Prominent Tone

Sound Data without Prominent Tone

Sound Data with Prominent Tone

Please ensure your speakers are turned on to listen to the tests.

About Ventac

Ventac is an established name in the supply of innovative and high-performance noise control solutions to the Bus & Coach industry. Our experience, technical knowledge, and acoustic expertise in an ever-changing industry allow us to work in partnership with our clients to quickly identify and solve their noise control problems and deliver an effective result. Our vehicle noise control services include analysis through a Vehicle Acoustic Test Program, followed by custom solution design, manufacture, and delivery.
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