Good Practice Guide For Construction And Demolition

Good Practice Guide for Construction


Recently the air quality monitoring and noise control unit of Dublin City Council published  the ‘Good Practice Guide For Construction and Demolition’.

According to the guide prior to the commencement of work on the site a construction and demolition plan must be developed. When developing the construction and demolition plan reference must be made to the requirements of the Air Quality Monitoring and Noise Control Unit’s Good Practice Guide for Construction and Demolition. Regardless of the risk category initially assigned to a development on receipt of a complaint additional control measures may be required.

In order to ensure that demolition and construction work does not have an adverse impact on those living and working nearby, the best practice guidance has been developed by the DCC.  All construction and demolition work has the potential to have adverse environmental impacts no matter what the scale. The best practice guide sets out the measures which all developers should consider prior to commencement of work and provides further recommendations for the control of noise, vibration and air pollution.

This Guide has been produced with reference to the London Good Practice Guide: Noise and Vibration Control for Demolition and Construction produced by the London Authorities Noise Action Forum, July 2016.

You can read the full guide here:  Good Practice Guide for Construction

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