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Proposed new legislation on battery durability


As the sales of electric vehicles are surging across major markets  including China, Europe and North America, and reached 3 million vehicles in 2020, 4.6% of total sales.  According to the projections of the International Energy Agency (IEA),  global market share could reach between 10.4% and 19% in 2022. Read the full report here:

The global electric bus market (Battery Electric Bus, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Bus and Fuel Cell Electric Bus) is forecasted to reach US$ 57.68 billion in 2026 experiencing growth at a CAGR of 11.51% d


The challenges ahead for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), in the major auto markets is how to ensure the battery life and range of the new EVs doesn’t suddenly quickly reduce and decrease after a few short years.

A proposal for new regulations to ensure battery durability has been endorsed by the World Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations hosted by the UNECE. A target quoted is that the battery doesn’t lose 20% of its performance within 3 years.


There are six parameters that are listed as affecting battery degradation and battery temperature is a key one. Ventac provides solutions to their  EV OEM customers to help protect the temperature of the battery (while it is being operated, charging or inactive). This issue is likely to increase dramatically in user awareness as the new BEVs are operated for a couple of years in different climates.

Each of Ventac’s solutions are supported by and manufactured in accordance with the exact needs of our customers, and our forward thinking helps our customers to find the perfect solution for their problem.

Ventac are international providers of Noise Analysis & Testing Programs, Component Design, Material Composites, Engineering & Manufacturing Services for Vehicle Noise Control for over 15 years. We are an established name in the supply of innovative and high-performance noise control solutions to OEMs of Bus & Coach, Electric Vehicles, Specialist, Construction and Agricultural Vehicles.

For further information, about your electric vehicle noise control project, please contact our Research and Development Director Mark Simms or call our acoustics team on +353 (0)45 851500.

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