Micro Office Products

Ventac is proud to offer the latest MICRO OFFICE solutions

No matter the size of your office space, we have an acoustic solution for you!

No matter the size of your office space, we have an acoustic solution for you!

Micro Office is the next generation in sustainable sound technology for the workplace. Combine Micro Office with acoustic panels & dividers for truly holistic office acoustics solutions.

When the open plan office design leaves no room for privacy – Micro Office pods are the ideal solution. Their Iconic design comes in a variety of sizes to meet all requirements. Each office comes fully equipped with electrical sockets USB & LAN connections and LED lighting are standard across the entire product line. Everything needed to perform at optimal levels.

Micro Office Products

Innovative | High-Quality | Sophisticated
Delivering Exceptional Acoustic Performance

Single Use


When you need a moment of quiet among a busy office space, our innovative designs provides the perfect acoustics to separate you from the noise. The Prime Pod is a standalone haven of silence ready for use without any burdensome installation or renovation.
Exterior Dimensions: 1150 x 1000 x 2270 mm

Up to 4 People


This office is suitable for 2-4 persons for private meetings or when you need ultimate silence to brainstorm or be creative in a busy office environment. Enjoy unprecedented flexibility with two-person to four-person standing configurations.
Exterior Dimensions: 1780 x 1500 x 2270 mm

Up to 8 People


If you find your business is outgrowing the current office, then our Micro Office Pods can help you. With a revolutionary ventilation system, acoustic glass ceiling & a high quality finish, our modular workspace allows your office to grow along with you.
Exterior Dimensions: 2520 x 1944 x 2270 mm

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