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Sustainably Reshaping the Irish Construction Market: Ventac is the Exclusive Irish Delivery Partner for EcoDuct's Sustainable and Versatile Ductwork Solutions

Ventac is the exclusive Irish delivery partner for industry-leading, sustainably innovative ductwork solutions.  This strategic partnership with EcoDuct to distribute pre-insulated ductwork fabricated from Kingspan KoolDuct phenolic insulation boards, for mechanical ventilation HVAC ductwork applications – marks a significant milestone in advancing sustainable construction and promoting the most advanced ductwork technology in Ireland.

Sustainable Solution

Highest Technical Standards

Pre-Insulated and Non-Metallic

Ventac and EcoDuct have completed a substantial R&D programme, extending the range of pre-insulated ductwork from rectangular to circular and flat oval shapes and raising air tightness and pressure resistance to Class D at 2,500 Pa – the only phenolic ductwork in Great Britain & Ireland to achieve this rating.  This results in the launch of a complete range of high-performance, non-metallic, pre-insulated ductwork solutions developed to meet the highest technical and environmental standards.  Ventac’s commitment to noise control and acoustic excellence, coupled with EcoDuct’s dedication to sustainable HVAC solutions, forms the foundation of this collaboration that promises to reshape the ductwork landscape in Ireland.

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"We are proud to join forces with EcoDuct using Kingspan KoolDuct to embed revolutionary ductwork as a staple solution to the Irish market. Ventac has always been at the forefront of innovation, and this collaboration allows us to combine our expertise with EcoDuct's sustainable technology, furthering our shared commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable future."
Brian Scully
Building and Industrial Business Development Manager

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