Floor Mats and headliners

Acoustic Floor Mats

Cab and vehicle floormats represent an acoustic challenge and opportunity; The floor is often all that divides the passenger from the main noise sources on the vehicle. The challenge is further complicated by services , vehicle controls and maintenance hatches. The opportunity is that a well designed part in this area can contribute significantly to the acoustic environment and passenger comfort. Ventac Acoustic Floor Mats are designed to improve sound quality, reducing the noise path between the engine compartment and interior cabin of a vehicle. The acoustic floor mat also act as an acoustic decoupler reducing vibration in the cabin floor and improving driver comfort. Fit is key in smothering any noise radiating through this area which is why moulded solutions are particularly effective. By adjusting the composition and mass, the mats find the right balance between acoustic insulation, weight and handling (where maintenance access is required). The bespoke floor mats can be moulded into 3D shapes to include manufactures branding and slip resistance pattern design under foot. Floormat colour can be match to other interior trim elements.

Other benefits of acoustic floor mats include:

  • Manufactured from a robust, durable, non-slip material.
  • Excellent mechanical properties including abrasion and UV resistance.
  • Resistant to fluids and corrosion. 
  • Easy to clean and protects the footwell from wear and tear and corrosion from moisture ingress.

Ventac Headliners

Industrial vehicles with glass cabs are especially prone to high levels of reverberant noise . The high level of visibility required on these vehicles means large sheets of glass used. Unsurprisingly this will reflect the noise from the engine and hydraulics back and forth within the cab magnifying the noise. In addition to this, the panes of glass can resonate the structure borne noise and produce a standing wave within the cab space that peaks just at the operators head. All this means it is essential to introduce sound absorption into the cab interior wherever possible. The cab headliner is one of the few feasible locations to reliably do this and it has the additional benefit of being close to the operators head. Ventac are developing and supplying headliners that are designed to be effective sound absorbers of this type of machinery noise. These products can not only improve the decibel level at the operator ear but greatly increase the vehicle comfort and are an important element in any vehicle cab noise reduction package.

Ventac develop solutions in partnership with their clients. Supported by our Vehicle Noise Control division and team of Acoustic Engineers, we can identify high-performance and effective solutions in line with our customer’s acoustic reduction needs, budgets and timelines.

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