Anti-Vibration Mounts, Mats & Pads

Effective solutions specified to target unwanted noise and vibration problems within industrial and manufacturing applications

Anti-vibration mounts and mats are used to significantly reduce structure-borne noise and vibrations within HVAC units and industrial machinery. By addressing structure-borne vibration, Ventac’s solutions can significantly reduce the noise levels within applications such as chillers, fans, motors, air handling units (AHU’s) and manufacturing equipment to adhere with a project, occupational and environmental demands.

We offer our customers a wealth of experience and know-how in measuring noise and vibration to create optimum solutions to any structure-borne noise and vibration problems. Our solutions include a full analysis of the units in question, along with design support to provide a suitable solution, along with samples for assessment if necessary.

Anti-Vibration Mounts

Anti-vibration mounts are used to reduce noise by isolating vibrations from the main source or body. Industrial and process machinery benefit from the installation of anti-vibration mounts. Such machinery can become a noise concern due to ‘wear and tear’, its location or the transmission of its vibrations to other non-insulated equipment nearby, which gives rise to a number of other noise control problems. Ventac can specify solutions that address these key noise issues to protect workers and the environment from the harmful effects of noise. Ventac offers a comprehensive range of anti-vibration mounts based on metal-rubber and moulded rubber springs solutions to provide effective vibration isolation and a reduction in structure-borne noise.

Ventac develop solutions in partnership with their clients. Supported by our Industrial Noise Control division and team of Acoustic Engineers, we can identify high-performance and effective solutions in line with our customer’s acoustic reduction needs, budgets and timelines.

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Anti-Vibration Mats & Pads


Anti-vibration mounts and pads reduce the noise and vibrations generated by machinery. These solutions are durable and resilient, tuned composite materials that isolate and separate the machinery from the factory floor. These solutions are designed to absorb, reduce and stop the transmission of unwanted frequencies and vibrations.

Ventac solutions are supplied as mats, pads or strips depending on the application and the noise control requirements. We consider the operational conditions of the machine when supplying and designing a solution, along with considerations for the machine type, weight, area, size and any other restrictions.

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