Acoustic Enclosures and Screens

Ventac offer full acoustic design support, product identification and installation services for each of our client’s noise applications.

Ventac supply a full range of acoustic barriers, enclosures and screens that are identified and specified for the exact needs of our customer’s applications. Our solutions are selected for their high performance and credibility within industrial applications. Each of our solutions are tailor-made for our customers to ensure accessibility options for doors, windows, ventilation systems, attenuators, machinery operators and maintenance and are designed to ensure compliance with all environmental conditions including EPA noise limits, occupational demands and planning requirements.

Custom specified and highly effective acoustic solutions for industrial applications

Each of our solutions are designed to address all environmental demands such as :

Acoustic Enclosures

Ventac acoustic enclosures are designed to surround noisy equipment that contributes unwanted noise to their environments. Our solutions form a noise reducing barrier to enclose equipment such as generators, CHPs, chillers, condensers, duct wraps, fans and other manufacturing processes. We provide both rigid and flexible solutions that can offer up to 50dB reductions in certain applications.

Acoustic Screens

Ventac acoustic screens are designed to tackle noise emitted from sources such as cooling towers, condensing units, pumping stations, motors, compressors, plant equipment, workstations and other noise sensitive areas. Our screens are designed specifically to the problem and offer a more aesthetically pleasing acoustic barrier within their applications.

Acoustic Baffles

Reverberation is a key issue on factory floors. Ventac can specify a large range of baffles, splitters, ceiling tiles and acoustic panels that considerably improve the overall noise quality of in-plant applications, while also addressing key occupational and environmental noise control strategies.

Ventac Acoustic Products
High-Performance as the Standard

Our acoustic screens and enclosures are custom-designed for our clients to ensure they are receiving the most effective noise reduction solution possible. Our solutions always take into consideration their surrounding environmental demands such as ventilation and access concerns, along with aesthetics to ensure their performance within new and existing industrial environments.

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