Acoustic and Thermal Products

High-performance acoustic and thermal solutions

Ventac are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke noise control solutions.  Ventac’s Commercial Vehicle and Building and Industrial Noise Control Solutions include acoustic testing and assessment, solution design, product identification and installation services. We support our customers in addressing the key industry issues including compliance, workplace, and environmental demands and our solutions are validated by our experienced acoustic team and technical capabilities. Ventac work with their customers to supply a high-performance noise control solution on demand or within a phased time-frame.

Customer Focused Solutions

At Ventac, our team works in partnership with our customers to offer acoustic, thermal, manufacturing and solution expertise to co-engineer a tailored and effective solution for their project.

Finding The Best Solution For You

Ventac can offer consultancy services on projects to identify the best solution for your noise problem. Through their skilled team with 20 years of hands-on experience within the Building and Industrial Noise Control sector, we have the experience to find the right solution for you.

Noise and Thermal Control Products

Ventac provides a range of high-performance noise and thermal control products that are custom manufactured or designed-in for applications to create effective solutions for the industrial, commercial and architectural industries. Our products are selected to block and absorb unwanted or problem noise within our customer’s applications, with our latest innovations acting as a thermal safety barrier improving range in electric vehicle batteries.

Our solutions range from custom-made solutions to project specified products that are validated by our acoustics team and designed to ensure that our customers receive the sound reductions and quality that is demanded from their applications. We offer a full range of solutions that meet the needs of every application.

Ventac’s Complete Solutions

Ventac’s Complete Solutions

Ventac’s complete Industrial and Environmental Noise Control Solutions include the supply of high-performance and application specified product solutions. Each of our applications can include acoustic testing and assessment, solution design, product identification and installation services to ensure that our customers are receiving the most effective solution for their noise control project. Each of our product solutions is validated by our experienced acoustics team and we work in partnership with our customers to ensure we are supplying a high-performance noise control material either on demand or within an agreed time-frame.

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