Acoustic Testing and Solutions

Ventac’s acoustic expertise and noise control solutions are supported by our on-site facilities, technologies and dedicated Acoustic and Engineering Teams.

With more than 30 years of experience in the research, development and testing of Vehicle and Industrial applications, Ventac’s high performance solutions are designed with the customer in mind to reduce and control noise across a large range of applications.  Our acoustic test systems include  testing vehicles by various scenarios, analysing results, reviewing treatment options to provide a prototype solution, noise reduction validation, and a full test report outlining recommendations. 

Complete Noise Control Solution

Unlike others in the market, Ventac offer a complete noise control solution from analysis to manufacture and supply. At Ventac, we understand how individual acoustic components can contribute to the overall performance of the vehicle and we offer a highly innovative approach to Vehicle and Industrial Noise Control. Ventac constantly strives to work along-side our customers to find the most effective noise control solution and through this partnership we will ensure that the solutions identified are in line with the needs and demands of our customer’s problems.
Ventac’s field testing services facilitate the development of Noise Reduction Plans (NRP) for the Industrial Noise Markets and to support our Vehicle Acoustic Test Programs. Our testing processes follow the most relevant industry testing standards and we can guarantee a fast and effective outcome with our testing generally taking between 1-2 days. Ventac acoustic laboratories are used for acoustic materials development, vehicle noise testing and building materials acoustic analysis. Ventac can perform testing required to bring new products and systems to market or can help in designing and specifying acoustic research and development within our test facilities for the Vehicles and Industrial Industries.

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