Acoustic Consultants

Ventac have been in business since 1972, working with international clients to provide high performance acoustic solutions across the vehicle and industrial noise control sectors.

Ventac offers the full range of acoustic consultancy services and sound testing throughout Ireland, UK, Europe, US and Benelux Markets.

Our solutions are supported by our acoustic expertise, technical capabilities and innovative problem solving and are created in partnership with the customer to ensure a high performance and superior acoustic solution.
Our team of acoustic consultants are capable of using very specialist noise measurement equipment to achieve the best possible outcome at every stage of your required needs. The expertise and ease of working with Ventac is a result of the partnership approach we take with our customers. We view ourselves as an extension of our customers’ capabilities and engineering teams. We can provide the hands-on technical and innovative experience and capabilities that are needed from our clients to progress through any project or problem.

Our Specialist Acoustic Consultants Services include:

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